3 Spiritual Benefits of Meditation (You need to know these)

Rishi Dave
4 min readApr 21, 2021

Meditation is most commonly known for beating stress and anxiety, and of course it does that superbly.

However, that is not why the practice was created. Thousands of years ago, this practice was taught by the ancient sages to their disciples as a way to attain the ultimate goal of human life.

To realise our true nature as pure consciousness & beings of pure love. When this happens, we no longer associate with our mind & body, we see things as they really are and hence put an end to our suffering.

So the first and most important benefit of meditation is that it

  1. Takes you closer to your true nature

Scientifically, you can think of it like this. When you meditate you journey inward. Penetrating the layers that cover your true self.







It is like peeling back the layers of a fruit and reaching the seed.

The real thing. The fruit may die but the seed gives life.

So what? Why is this important?

Because according to Vedic Philosophy — ALL is SELF.

We are not the outer covering, but what lies within. Our true essence is the self, it is what gives life and it is pure energy.

Just like electric energy has a nature (if you touch it you get a shock), this energy of the self also has a nature.

It’s nature is pure love.

We are beings of pure love. AND, the self that is in me, is the same self that is in you — and the same self that is within all beings.

That’s what is meant by “we are all connected”. We are. But because we identify with the level of body and mind, we feel separate from each other.

It is an illusion. When you identify with the self (by realising you are the self), there is no more separation.

When this realisation dawns, suffering ends. You become a buddha. (Buddha means “one that has awakened”)

2. You receive an abundance of cosmic energy

What is cosmic energy? This may sound “woo woo” so I’ll give you a more practical example.

According to science, the smallest particle that makes up matter is an atom, broadly speaking. Not long ago, scientists believed that 99% of an atom was empty space.

Now, through quantum physics it has been found that this “empty space” is actually made up of waves of energy — that cannot be defined.

This is cosmic energy. The energy that at the core of all creation.

Some call it divine energy, shakti, chi — give it any name you like.

In order to receive this energy, absolute stillness of body and mind is required.

So we get some of it during deep sleep.

But, if we are not sleeping well, (and even if we are) — chances are we aren’t getting enough of it.

The lack of cosmic energy, or blockages in its flow (through chakras) cause blocked patches in our etheric body — leading to physical and mental disease.

This is why stress is said to be a big cause of illness. When we are stressed, the mind is constantly over thinking, and the inability to relax totally means we don’t receive the cosmic energy required for healing and normal bodily functions.

On the flip side, an abundance of this energy means that you live with vitality — physically and mentally.

It’s why true Yogis are able to carry out the magnitude of work they do in this world.

Think Swami Vivekanada — or the Grand Master Patanjali himself.

Sage Patanjali wrote the leading text on Yoga, Sanskrit Grammar, and also one on Ayurveda.

But, you don’t need to take my (or anybody’s) word for it. Just start meditating, and with time you will see the positive changes in your life automatically.

For me, this one practice helped me overcome addiction, trauma, beat procrastination and finally create the life that I always fantasized about living.

3. You will feel love toward all sentient beings (and be happier)

This point goes hand in hand with the first point (getting closer to your true nature)

When you truly begin to feel, from within, that we are all one. All connected. Naturally, you will view other beings, human or not, as an extension of yourself.

Then, harming other beings is out of the question.

While I love the enthusiasm of the vegan movement, trying to get others to stop eating meat by offending them or pointing fingers at them is never going to work. It only makes them more defensive and want to stick to their view.

Instead, if we encourage people to practice meditation, they will naturally become more compassionate. It’s really that simple.

“If every eight year old is taught meditation, we will eradicate violence in the world in one generation” — The Dalai Lama.

On the point of being happier — again it is very simple. The less we identify with the body and mind, and more with the infinite love that resides within us, the happier we are. The more content we are. The kinder we are.

So there you have it. The 3 spiritual benefits of meditation.

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Peace & Love