How to create Abundance by raising your vibrations (Diwali Special)

Rishi Dave
6 min readNov 11, 2020

A special video series for Diwali, a time for celebration & in the Indian tradition, worshipping & thanking Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of abundance, wealth & prosperity.

In this video series, we explore the number 1 mistake people often make when trying to create abundance, and why it is so difficult.

We go deeper into understanding Lakshmi, the Universal energy of Abundance, the Goddess & her nature.

Last but not least, I explain in simple terms, energy, vibrations, emotional states and the correct way of approaching the creation of abundance in our lives, be it financial, health, relationships — or connection to the source.


Peace & Love


Video transcript

Namaste and welcome. It is Rishi here from MEDITATEWITHRISHI.COM And today’s video is a Diwali special. So happy Diwali wherever you are. And the topic for today’s video is how to create abundance by raising your vibrations. The reason I’m doing this video today is, it is Diwali, and in the Indian tradition, you know that Diwali is a time when we pray to the Goddess Lakshmi to bless us. She is the goddess of wealth, success, prosperity, fertility, everything auspicious. So this is a time when we celebrate the victory of good over evil and it’s a time that we pray to this Goddess to bless us with everything that we need to sustain life and to make our life amazing, to make our life abundant. Okay. Now the reason I’m doing this video is I really believe that there is a problem in how we go about trying to create abundance in our lives and what I mean by this is we are never taught about how energy works, how vibration Works, how to actually attract what you want. And this is not some magical woo-woo stuff that I’m talking about. It is simple science. So what we’re going to do today is hopefully learn some new things in this video, alongside, in addition to the worship that you already do, the outward practices, traditions that we follow. Let’s consider how important the inner work is. The inner work that is needed to change our vibrational state to put us in a frequency where we can manifest and attract what we want. Does it mean that you don’t have to work hard, that you just sit there and everything comes? Of course not. Okay. So that’s not what I’m saying. Do not get that idea. But upgrading your inner technology goes a long way in helping you to create the life that you want, create the abundance that you want. Okay. So what we’re going to do in today’s video is going to be in three parts. The first part is, because it’s Diwali. We are going to get to know the Goddess Lakshmi. Who is she, what is this energy of abundance. why she portrayed in this way? Who is Lakshmi? Let us, pay our our salutations to this Divine mother. then number two we’re going to get into the science of things. What is the mistake that we make, the mistake that most people make when trying to create abundance of any kind? Financial, Health, relationships,,whatever it may be. Okay, and then in part 3 once we know what we’ve been doing wrong, we will look at what do we actually do? How do we really create abundance? What is the right way of going about it? Okay. So let us get to it. 1) Who is Lakshmi? So what I’ve done is I’ve got Goddess Lakshmi here with us today. I want to tell you a bit about her, what I know about her, I want to tell you a bit about the symbolism behind why she’s portrayed in this way and a bit about what goes into why is attracting her, or obtaining abundance, so difficult? Goddess Lakshmi in the Indian tradition is the Goddess of wealth, success, Beauty, knowledge, prosperity, fertility. Everything auspicious. And simply put she is the Divine mother. She is the universe, or Mother Earth personified as a Goddess. This is something that is common in many cultures, many traditions where the bounty and the beauty of Earth is personified as a Goddess. Whether it’s a goddess or an angel — similar Concepts. In the Indian tradition, it is goddess Lakshmi. Okay. So let us look at the symbolism. It’s really really cool and you’re going to love it. Okay. So let’s start with firstly looking at how beautiful she is. She’s so beautiful. You know, she portrays what she embodies which is Beauty and prosperity then you’ll notice that she is holding 2 lotus flowers and these2 lotus flowers represent the material wealth and the spiritual wealth that she’d bestows upon us. So to be very clear it is not just material wealth, but equally spiritual wealth that she bestows upon us. Okay, then you can see over here is she’s holding a huge pot of gold and from her right hand is showering out an endless stream of gold coins. This is the motherly aspect of her, unconditionally giving to her children. Last but not least you can see the big pink lotus flower that she’s sitting on and the lotus flower is a symbol for Spiritual Liberation — a symbol of Purity, but it is also metaphor that is telling us that we must be like this Lotus Flower. The lotus flower rises up from the mud and the mucky waters yet It is untainted. It is unaffected. It retains its beauty. So when we go out into the world and we face negativity, it’s not everywhere, but in a lot of places there is negativity, there is anger there is hatred there is racism, you know, so many different types of negative energy. Can we live amongst that, can we live amidst that and maintain our peace, especially maintain our kindness? And our love? And operate from the state? So this is what she’s telling us, to be like her to be like the lotus flower. Okay. So there’s a bit of symbolism about Lakshmi now one thing I want you to know, or you must know, which is really cool, is this. Hold on, it’s my first white board video. So just bear with me, okay. This is really cool. So Lakshmi is Anna in nature, Anna means food, and she is Dhana in culture. Dhana means wealth. Okay. So Lakshmi essentially is food in nature, and wealth in culture. In nature for sustenance animals are attracted to, the first thing they want is food. So they need Lakshmi to survive. In our world, We may not be getting the food directly, but we need wealth to go out and get the food, and get everything. We need to live — to sustain our life, right? Lakshmi is the very essence of what we need to sustain life. But if you look at the process of getting Lakshmi, it is very difficult. Think of wealth for example, right, natural resources, like gold, like minerals, like water, that we need to sustain life, and can use be used to create wealth — are difficult to get. They are under the ground, and because they’re under the ground we have to dig into Mother Earth to obtain these resources. It is a violent process. Or if you’re in the corporate jungle, in the modern world. If you’re running a business, right — you have to have strict policies, you know, people have to work, you have to work hard — and at the end of all that grinding and churning, hopefully there is some wealth at the end of it. So the point I’m trying to make is even though food and wealth are all around, the process of obtaining them for OURSELVES, for our sustenance is not usually easy. Okay, it is a difficult process. And this is why creating abundance is so difficult. Now, what I want to do is go into the mistake that we make the mistake that we make — when trying to create, when trying to create abundance in our lives and this is a fundamental shift that you need to know. It massively change how you go about things, and for that I will see you in part 2.