The #1 sign you should quit alcohol

Rishi Dave
5 min readMar 3, 2021


Has quitting alcohol crossed your mind?

Then this video is for you.

I share with you the #1 sign that quitting would be a good idea…(and what happens when you ignore that sign).

If you fantasise about how life would be like without alcohol, I hope this will provide you some encouragement.

More on this topic soon

Peace & Love.


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Video Transcript:

Namaste and welcome. Its Rishi here from And today we’re going to speak about the number one sign that you should quit alcohol, For many of you that know my story, you know that this is something I struggled with for years and I used to fantasise about living a life where I’m not waking up hungover! Where I have the clarity, the focus, the confidence to do what I wanted to do deep down. So today I’ll be sharing with you. The number one sign that you need to look out for that’s telling you to quit. Okay, but before we get into that — if you are interested in meditation and how it can benefit you, ultimately I want to share with you something I’ve created called the10 SIDE EFFECTS of meditation. And these side effects are ultimately the real benefits of meditation beyond feeling calm and relaxed. How it’s going to impact your life and change you as a person. Okay, so if that sounds interesting then head over to and download it for free. Okay. Alright, so let’s get into it. What is the number one sign that you should quit alcohol ? Very simple. IF. you are THINKING about it! If the thought has crossed your mind — just quit. This is me telling you after trying to quit for about four or five years, and then FINALLY doing it and seeing how my life has changed as a result of it. Quitting my job, starting my own business — everything I wanted to do right, as a result of quitting. So ultimately If the thought is in your mind or if it’s crossed your mind that is your inner voice telling you that hey look, you know life could probably be better without it. Right? There’s no other way. If the thought has come, it’s come from your inner voice essentially. And I don’t need to tell you the benefits. You already know the benefits, you know, you save money, right? You don’t wake up hungover, which is a benefit on its own. You have the clarity, you have the focus to to do what you want, You know, you become a force to be reckoned with. Your skin improves. When you detox your skin becomes much better. There’s so many benefits — they are endless but really it is about YOUR happiness and how happy YOU are with yourself. Okay, because let me tell you what’s on the other side of it. So if you have a thought, if your voice inside is telling you to quit, and you don’t listen to it…. Going down that path, you know continuing to ignore that voice… It leads to quite a dark place. Think about it — right so your voice inside. This is your your inner guidance, your inner Compass. It’s talking to you and telling you to do something but every time we ignore it, like any relationship, you know, imagine that your spouse is trying to tell you something and you keep ignoring her or him. Ultimately they’re going to not try anymore. Right? So your inner voice as well if you keep ignoring it, it will become fainter and fainter and it can lead to a point where you simply can’t hear that voice and you will anymore you’re so far away is so disconnected from you in a voice which is ultimately your real self. The real you. And that is a very dark place because you feel lost. You know, that’s when you know, you hear people saying that if you’re lost I feel I feel stuck. It’s because you’re in a map your inner guidance is not coming through — because you’ve been ignoring it, right and that is not a nice place to be. I’ve been there. I’ve been there and and way beyond and that’s why I’m telling you this. Okay. So ultimately, in my experience, the more connected we are to our inner voice which … Divinity itself. The HAPPIER we are I don’t need to give you any superficial reasons to Quit. Ultimately, you know if you quit you will be a much much happier person and that’s something I can guarantee. I can guarantee. Okay, so that’s it. This is just a video of me saying to you that look if you are thinking about it, Just do it because life is much better without it. Okay, and I also want to say that if you feel like you need help with this …because it’s not easy, right? It took me a good part of four or five years to quit. If you feel like you need help, what I offer is one-to-one chats where we can speak about how you feel, speak about the challenges that you encounter when you’re trying to quit — and what to do about them. Some practical steps of what you can do about that and ultimately, you know, I will also share with you some of my deepest darkest stories and hopefully that will actually, there’s a high chance that that will show you that where you are is NOT that bad. Okay, so I’d love to do that with you. This is something I’m doing now…. Is it paid? Yes, it is paid because it’s how I make a living, but having said that it does mean that you will get my undivided attention and we can sit down and have a proper discussion on the journey out. Okay, so that is it. I hope you found that useful, you know, if this is something you’re thinking about right now? If you want to book a call with me, the details are at and so is the free guide. Thank you for listening. Namaste