What you focus on grows.

Rishi Dave
3 min readJul 26, 2022


There is a beautiful law in nature, that gives you the power to create your own happiness, and also your own suffering.

The law is that where awareness goes, energy flows. Where focus goes, energy flows.

Or said simply — what you focus on, grows.

Our attention is like a torch in the dark. Whatever we shine it on is illumined and becomes the only thing we can see.

So our job then, is to ensure that we place our minds attention, on what is positive, on what brings us peace & prosperity. And consciously ignore anything that is negative.

The story of 2 frogs that fell into a well

In a small village, two frogs accidentally fall into a deep well. All the frogs of the village surround the well and keep shouting that they’re never going to be able to come out because the well is so deep.

Both the frogs try hard to get out and jump incessantly. The frogs outside keep talking among themselves that their effort is going to end in vain — it’s an impossible task to come out.

One of the two frogs gets tired of jumping and gives up. The other frog keeps jumping. The frogs outside wonder why he’s still jumping, they are confused why he doesn’t realize it’s not going to work.

The frog who gave up tries convincing the other frog to also give up but he doesn’t listen, he keeps jumping. Finally, he jumps with his full strength and comes out of the well leaving the other frog behind.

When he comes out of the well, all the frogs ask him, “How were you able to do this, didn’t you hear what we said — it was impossible!” He didn’t reply and went away.

You know why he didn’t? Because, he was deaf! He wasn’t even listening to others. Because he was deaf, he was able to not focus on what people were saying, and instead focus only on the voice inside.

This is how we need to live our lives.

When we are facing tough times, it’s easy to complain. It’s easy to whine about what is not going well. Why the economy is bad. Who is not supporting you.

And the more we focus on these things, the more they grow, in our mind.

Those negative thoughts become the lens with which we view the world and hence our world becomes a hell where nothing is right, nobody is supporting us and we are constantly in a state of lack.

If instead we choose to focus on what we DO have, what IS going in our favour — then that becomes our focal point. The more we focus on that, naturally the more we are able to see what IS is good in our lives. Our strengths. Our blessings. Then that becomes our lens and our world becomes one where we have a lot going for us. We become grateful. We FEEL rich. And that is true abundance. Our external world becomes a heaven, because we simply choose to focus on the heavenly parts — and because we focus on them — they grow.

Practising this in daily life

An easy way to make this happen for you is to actually have a fixed time every day where you sit and focus on happy thoughts.

You can spend 10 minutes writing down things you are grateful for, you’ll be surprised how much begins to flow out of you once you start writing.

This is also why most spiritual traditions have a mantra repetition practice. You are constantly repeating something uplifting, making it the focal point — and making use of the law — what you focus on, grows. Each mantra repetition, is a seed planted that goes into the mind and grows trees of happy thoughts.

With time, the practitioner is able to completely transform his mind into a happy mind. And hence completely transform his external world into a heaven.

Thank you for reading.